Hi, my name is Charlie. My pronouns are they/them. I am the owner and jewelry artist of Earth Star Healing Collective!
I identify proudly as non-binary/transgender. Sometimes this feels like a nerve-wracking space to take up - being in a crystal community that is predominantly cisgender and heterosexual. 
Here's to taking up space!
A little back story on how my shop came to be. Back in late 2018 I had my own vintage clothing business. While selling vintage clothing I also made crystal bracelets and gave free tumbled gemstones with each purchase. I loved the crystal and jewelry part but not the vintage clothing part as much.
Already in my personal life I loved working with crystals to help with my own mental health journey. I really wanted to share my passion and to teach others with my own experiences. 
So as soon as 2018 came to an end, I closed down my vintage shop and started up Earth Star Healing Collective. At this time I also finished up my certification to be a Crystal Healing Practitioner.
I am extremely passionate about social issues and 2SLGBTQIA+ wellness & advocacy. I talk a lot about these things on my social media (TikTok and Instagram).
I strongly believe that without having these more difficult or uncomfortable conversations we cannot officially create safer spaces for people.
I want my shop to feel like more than just an online purchase. For it to be an experience, however that sounds super lame and cliché. Just know that you're always welcome here in this space. If you've felt alone or maybe that you don't belong anywhere- whatever that reason may be, you are very welcomed here.
My vision for this online shop was to create an inclusive, safer space, community where like minded souls could connect together. A space where people could learn about crystals and about their own healing journeys too.
I love being able to combine both spiritual, witchy and mental health tools/resources all together. I find they blend a great combo for the most sustainable healing.
Thank you so much for reading along. I hope you enjoy our crystal offerings and watch our next live adoption!
Appreciate you being here.
- Charlie