Consciously Sourcing

My Intention and Belief

I strongly believe that crystals are little earth gifts that should be used carefully and consciously.

With the high demand in the crystal community and new crystal shops, I make sure I purchase in smaller sized batches to not contribute to the issue with over mining.

I strive to keep my prices affordable with guaranteed quality. While also making sure I'm supporting fair wages for the miners and employees. 


Consciously Sourcing

All of the crystals are consciously sourced from all over the world. Also including all of the crystals in the jewelry is sourced consciously. The crystal jewelry is handmade by my two small gay hands!

I am mindful of where I source the crystal babies and the impact it has on the local community, environment, and laborers.

At this time, the term “ethically sourced” is not regulated by a government agency. There isn't a certification or set of standards you must meet to use the term, therefore it's subjective and can mean different things to different people. 

For my shop it means:

  • sourcing carefully and consciously 
  • keeping up to date on political, social and environmental issues in the area we source 
  • refusing to purchase crystals that do any harm to surrounding communities

  • asking new suppliers about their mining process