Open Box

Open Box Program
This is an option to combine multiple orders and ship all together. Crystals and/or items claimed with an open box must be paid.
Shipping fee will be paid for which comes first - if you hit $150 before tax with your order(s) or your box hits 4 weeks of being open.
How to have an open box:
  1. At checkout, choose $16 flat rate shipping 
  2. In discount code box type in: OPEN BOX 
  3. You will see the shipping fee discounted off, and now your box will be marked as open!
  • If you choose open box you order will not be shipped out it will be left on the shelf in our shop.
  • Once your box has accumulated $150 before tax worth of items it will be auto shipped out
  • Once your box has hit 4 weeks of being open and if you have not reached the 150, you will be emailed the shipping invoice
  • Shipping is $16 flat rate + tax within Canada, $18 flat rate + tax within US